Meet Keith Steward

Waiting for a second chance of life.

My name is Keith Steward, I’m 66 years old, and I married my beautiful Bride Roberta Steward in 1995. I’m Pre-Transplant diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) August 2016. That year I had a continuous cough for more than six months, concerned that something wasn’t right my wife asked our Primary Care Doctor to refer me to a Pulmonologist. During my appointment with the Pulmonologist, the Doctor carefully reviewed my last CT scan from 2013. (The scan had been requested by my Cardiologist for an Aorta Aneurysm.) When the Pulmonologist zoomed in; he said “Yes! Look there it is! You have Interstitial lung disease”. I was placed on prednisone and azathioprine medications right away. He told me I would have to take these medications for the rest of my life. I then realized I was misdiagnosed for the last 3 years.

In February 2018 I retired form my job at Aerospace after 44 years of service to them. Currently, I am working on losing weight, staying healthy, and keeping a positive attitude. I am also in the testing process to see if I can get placed on the Transplant list. In April 2019, as my ILD progressed, I was placed on oxygen therapy and started Esbriet a couple of months later. I joined One Breath Foundation and Support Group in 2019 and I have really been encouraged by many in the group, I now attend One Breath Foundation Support Group meetings every month with my Wife and Caregiver Roberta Steward.

Meet Roberta Steward

Dedicating her life to helping others

My name is Roberta Steward, Caregiver and Married to Keith Steward. Keith and I have been friends since high school, but never dated until 1992. I was a teen Mom when my Son’s Dad died in an auto accident, I married in in 1972 and had my daughter he had an addiction to heroin and I divorced after a couple of years. I’ve always had a career in sales/management. In 1982 I started going to Harvest Christian church and decided to give my life to Christ. Keith was going to Nazarene Church in Riverside and he also gave his life to Christ. We both serve at church in Riverside, CA where we have lived, since 2006. I retired in 2013 when I brought my Mother to come live with us after my Dad passed. She’s 87 and has dementia.

I notice Keith was sick and had a bad cough, I suggested to my husband’s PCP to refer him to a Pulmonologist to get treatment and especially a reason to why he was always coughing. I always join Keith to his appointments to be his advocate and support. I’m glad I mentioned something to his PCP about that cough wouldn’t go away, because we found out he had Interstitial Lung Disease. As his Caregiver I make sure to remind him to put on his oxygen and when exercising to raise his oxygen, I’m aware if and when his disease begins to progress, I’m prepared to be his advocate and will always be by his side. I love my husband so much, I want the best treatment and support not only him, but for us. We joined One Breath Foundation and Support Group and it has given me education and a safe place to share my journey as a Caregiver.