Meet Mary Carrasquillo

She received a second chance of life June 21st 2014

Hi, my name is Mary Carrasquillo, I’m from San Pedro, CA. In June 2013, I was officially diagnosed with IPF Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. At that time the Doctor told me that I would need oxygen and as this disease progressed, I would need a double lung transplant to survive, since there’s no cure for IPF. I was in denial, ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I was very sick. In March 2014 my Doctor recommended to me to begin transplant evaluation, since I was getting worse and my health was deteriorating. In two months’, time, I did all the test necessary and as of June 16, 2014, I was approved for a double lung transplant and was placed on the list. I could barely breathe, eat or walk. I was at home waiting when I received a phone call from my lung transplant coordinator telling me they had a match. On June 21st I was in surgery, six hours later was in recovery.

Now, I breathe freely without oxygen and I’ve regained my health, thanks to my Donor who gave me the gift of life. I have walked the OneLegacy Donate Life Run/Walk in honor of my Donor and I’ve returned to work. One Breath Foundation and Support Group helped educated and prepared me for my transplant journey, but most of all I get to inspire and share my story with so many people.