Meet Patricia Trevino

She received a second chance of life November 25th 2019


My name is Patricia (Tish) Trevino, and I’m a single lung (left-side) transplant recipient. I grew up in Norwalk, CA, but currently live in Walnut, CA. I’m 58 years old, a mother of three (3) boys and have five (5) beautiful grandchildren. In 2014 I started coughing a lot, nothing seemed to make the coughing stop for very long. I went to the Doctors several times and they would send me home with an Inhaler and Flonase. After a year my sister Christina, a nurse, suggested I get a chest x-ray to see what is going on with my lungs. It was then that I was diagnosed with ILD Interstitial Lung Disease.

Tish Trevino secretary

The USC Keck Medical Transplant Team began pre transplant evaluation and testing

In April 2017 I got really sick with pneumonia and went to UCLA, they transferred me to USC, because of my insurance. The USC Keck Medical Transplant Team began pre transplant evaluation and testing. They have a system called lung allocation system (LAS) which uses medical information about each lung transplant candidate and gives the candidate a lung allocation score from 0-100. The score estimates the severity of each candidates’ illness and his or her chance of success following a lung transplant. Candidates with low scores are low on the priority list, my score was only 42.23 at that time. I was put on the lung transplant list on March 27th 2019 as a low priority candidate.

My disease got worse, simple daily tasks were near impossible for me to do on my own. I was out of breath just walking a few steps. In October 2019 my LAS Score was increased to 61.79, which meant higher priority on the transplant list now. I had a very difficult time breathing as my disease was progressing. I could no longer do anything for myself, I relied on my son Charles to bring me groceries, and help me around the house. I tried to stay positive, my family would come over for dinner and spend time with me.

I didn’t want to give into this disease and waited until the last minute before I went to the hospital. On November 7th 2019 I was admitted into USC my oxygen levels dropped to a critical low within three weeks of admittance, even with 2.5 liters of oxygen. I was so weak and scared, I couldn’t even get out of my bed. I stayed positive for a donor and prayed for a miracle.

Tish Trevino secretary

My nephew Andrew came to visit me on November 24th, I was pale and weak, he held back the tears as he stood there feeling helpless and sad. He went home crying to his Dad, because he didn’t want to cry in front of me.  They told my family and friends of my condition, so Linda and Abbey came to pray with me. As they were leaving they said I had a glow surrounding me. A few hours later at 9:01 PM I received a call saying they had lungs for me. I started crying and called my family and friends to tell then the good news. November 25th I received my miracle, our prayers had been answered.

In October 2019 my LAS Score was increased to 61.79, which meant higher priority on the transplant list.

one breath foundation

My friend Linda told me about One Breath Foundation, so I went to a support group and was welcomed like family. I am not alone anymore, I have a new family, people just like me who had a lung disease. One Breath Foundation is the best place anyone should go for guidance and assistance if they or a loved one has a lung disease. Every day and night I PRAY for my USC transplant team, surgeons, nurses, my Family, Friends and especially God and my Donor may him or her RIP. Thank you for reading my story, please share this with others so you may spread hope for anyone in need of a miracle.